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Metro Courier Services - T&C Couriers

All metropolitan courier services are controlled by our fleet controllers from our base in Kewdale. Our Quality Endorsed system is seamlessly computerised and automated from booking to billing with the use of PDAs, GPS mapping and two-way radio backup. All bookings are allocated a job number, enabling our Customer Service staff to track all movements from collection point to delivery.

PB Pushbike Courier Specifically used for swift collection and delivery across Perth Central Business District, where traffic congestion and parking can cause delays.
LC Local Courier The Local Courier service is delivered within three hours dependent on locations and prevailing conditions.
DC Direct Courier The Direct Courier service is delivered directly to the receiver, generally within one and a half hours, dependent on pick-up and delivery locations and prevailing traffic conditions.
EX Express Guaranteed This premium service is guaranteed for delivery by the pre-determined time when booked. The job is collected as soon as possible, usually within 10 - 15 minutes and delivered immediately to the receiver. On delivery, the customer is given a courtesy call and informed of the receiver's name and the delivery time.
HH/1T Hourly Hire Hourly hire of vans or Utes. Direct Hourly and Express Hourly also available for more urgent consignments. All Ute drivers also have full PPE available for mine site and construction site pick-ups and deliveries.

Metro Courier Services - T&C Couriers     Metro Courier Services - T&C Couriers     Metro Courier Services - T&C Couriers

Additional services such as Proof of Delivery (POD) are available on request.

T&C can also provide tailored billing to suite your business requirements

Contact our Customer Service team on 9376 8888 if you have any questions on our courier services